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i Love Fun Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday Orange County


American Junkie Newport Beach location is located at 2406 Newport blvd. Newport Beach, California 92663. This Taco Tuesday Orange County spot is open every Tuesday at 4pm and goes all night. The Taco bar serves tacos from 4pm-10pm. You can choose from variety of tacos including steak tacos (Carne Asada tacos), Chicken tacos (Pollo tacos), Pork tacos (Carnitas tacos), Hawaiin Pork tacos & Spicy chicken tacos. There is a salsa & side bar after you get your tacos where you can choose whatever you like to put on your tacos. Some of the items are lemons, onions, cilantro, pico de gallo, spicy red salsa, green sauce, cheese, lettuce, coleslaw & chips. When you walk in, you can go upstairs and look for a server to ask for a $5 all you can tacos wristband. It is self serving, so seats are first come first serve. Don't forget to catch our Taco Tuesday drink specials with $3 coronas, $5 margaritas, & $10 pacifico pitchers. Many people say they have been looking for a Taco Tuesday Orange County spot well this is it. The venue is 2 stories high and has both a bar upstairs and downstairs for convenience. There is an elevator for easier access upstairs. The venue is located on the water next to Woody's Wharf. This is one of the few places where you can eat and stare out over the ocean for a great price.

 Taco Tuesday Specials

Taco Tuesday Orange County Taco Tuesday Orange County Taco Tuesday Orange County Taco Tuesday Orange County

                       $3 Coronas                                  $5 All you can Eat Taco                         $10 Pacifico Pitchers                                  $5 Margaritas

Taco Tuesday Orange County Taco Tuesday Orange County Spicy chicken tacos Taco Tuesday Orange County chicken tacos Taco Tuesday Orange County Fish Tacos

        Carne Asada (Steak Tacos)                      Spicy Chicken Tacos                                  Chicken Tacos                                         Fish Tacos

 Tacos: (4pm-10pm)                                                                                      Drink Specials: (4pm-Close)                                  Entertainment: (9pm-Close)

     -Carne asada tacos "Steak Tacos"                                                               -$3 Coronas                                                                 -Music by Nik Jagger  
     -Chicken tacos                                                                                              -$5 Margeritas                                                              -iLoveFun Party
     -Carnitas tacos "Shredded Pork tacos"                                                        -$10 Pacifico Pitchers
     -Spicy chicken tacos"                                                                                   -$20 Pacifico Towers
     -Fish tacos (battered & deep fried)                                                              -$25 Margerita Pitchers                                                

American Junkie Address 2406 Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, CA 92663

                                     Best Orange County Sunday Brunch

                                                  American Junkie 
                                                2406 Newport Blvd. 
                                          Newport Beach, CA 92663

                                       Reservation by phone & email
                                       (855) Vip-4Fun (855) 847-4386